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Hey! I don't think anyone really looks on the website. Maybe you cliff ;), but I do have some important info I would like to share. Changes are coming once again. I will list them off for you!

1- New IP - The server is now being run by Minecrafted. We hsve 4gb. This should help support higher player amounts.and give us new hosting opportunities. IP:

2- UHC - Yes, UHC. We are going to be hosting a UHC every few days. With our new server and ram, we will be capable of holding around 40-60 players without lag. We have already tested with a 40 player game that has worked amazingly!

3- Open PvP - The server will be now open for pvp 24/7. Most players, however, may join closer to a UHC match time. The pvp arena skript has been tested and it is working very well. We also have a custom built arena. (No its not Cliffville).

4- Survival? - Unfortunately, I have decided that survival has got to go. Yep, no more clans. No more. This is simply because we don't have a use for it. It uses up space on the server to hold when there is no one playing. The only people I ever seen on are Tommy and Unborn. They don't even play much. Tommy mostly just tries to help with stuff. We may decide at a later time to add it back.

5- Fun - We will of course have UHC. A great activity. If you don't really have time to stick around for a 90 minute game, don't worry. We will have rush games that last only 30! We also have plans to add some other things that you may do. At the moment, only PvP is open 24/7.

soon. soon. soon.


Dancingninjas1 a posted Mar 7, 14
clifflodge99 a WHAT IS THE SITUATION SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 is here!

Dancingninjas1 a posted Jan 1, 14
2013 has passed and now we are able to enjoy the great new year, 2014. Remember all the fun you've had and think about all the great things you can do. From 2013-2014, how have you changed? What have you learned? In the video below, I will show you some of the great times I have had through 2013. 

Have a great 2014! :D
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