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1.7 yup
Still no bukkit 1.7 and the week is almost over! #BADDDDDDDD
Alot of downtime. Not alot of players. Not a good combo.
Weather issues. Downtime eithin 24 hours is expected.
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soon. soon. soon.


Dancingninjas1 a posted Mar 7, 14
clifflodge99 a WHAT IS THE SITUATION SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 is here!

Dancingninjas1 a posted Jan 1, 14
2013 has passed and now we are able to enjoy the great new year, 2014. Remember all the fun you've had and think about all the great things you can do. From 2013-2014, how have you changed? What have you learned? In the video below, I will show you some of the great times I have had through 2013. 

Have a great 2014! :D
I am having a few issues with maintaining the server's performance and so it will be down for a short amount of time. It did crash before I was able to notice the issues so the downtime probably did already last quite  a while. Please be as patient as possible as I will be working very hard to get the server back up and to fix these issues.
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